Hello, I am Ben Konrath
& I am a software developer

My current focus is freelance development using
Python / Django & Golang

I'm an experienced software developer with a broad knowledge of web-technologies and software development in general. I use my knowledge and experience to create high quality software for my clients.

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Team augmentation / join existing teams

Develop complete applications

Create base architecture to build upon

Technical review and advice

Team guidance and training

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I use modern software development techniques, such as:

  • Tight feedback loop with users and stakeholders
  • Automated tests and continuous integration
  • Automate technical tasks as much as practically possible

I use high quality open-source frameworks and libraries that are well tested and community driven. This means the frameworks and libraries that I select will be maintained and developed into the foreseeable future.

Featured Projects

Senior Software Engineer
  • Architectural review of the Research Cloud microservices infrastructure and APIs
  • Multi-cloud billing and accounting automation for Research Cloud
  • Feature enhancements to the Research Cloud platform
Python Django Django REST Framework PostgreSQL GitLab CI/CD Ansible Terraform Kubernetes
Full-stack Software Engineer
  • Extra development capacity on the Suburbia project
  • Developed automation for data labelling and associated infrastructure
  • Feature enhancements to internal web infrastructure and APIs
Golang Python Vue.js JavaScript PostgreSQL Ansible
Interim Tech Lead / Senior Full-stack Developer
  • Base architecture for the Hypernode cloud automation control panel
  • Spec compliment implementation of OpenID Connect Session Management for secure user authentication between the various Hypernode services
Python Django Vue.js Node.js Webpack Django REST Framework JavaScript Docker OpenID Connect (OIDC) Chargebee Stripe Billing Ansible
Co-Founder / Tech Lead
  • Developing platform for sharing visual identities
  • Responsible for technical and business strategy
Python Django Vue.js Node.js Django REST Framework JavaScript Stripe Billing Bulma Sass
Senior Full-stack Developer
  • Multi-tenant training portal with custom content management system (CMS)
  • Proof of concept bank simulator application
  • Django / PostgreSQL server architecture using Ansible to handle the required scale and security
Python Django Django REST Framework Ember.js jQuery JavaScript Bootstrap Sass PostgreSQL Ansible Git
Senior Software Developer
  • Web-based version of the Glom database application designer
  • Java bindings to libglom using SWIG and C++ — used for the Java servlet based back-end
Google Web Toolkit (GWT) JavaScript Java Tomcat HTML5 CSS3 SQL JDBC SWIG C++

Featured Previous Employers

Software Engineer - Eclipse IDE Team
  • Feature enhancements to the Eclipse IDE
  • Fixed bugs in the GNU Classpath Java library exposed by running Eclipse with the GNU Compiler for Java (GCJ)
  • Integrated the Eclipse IDE into Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora
Java Eclipse Python Unix Shell RPM Linux C++
Software Developer - ÆGIS Ontario Project
  • Created Caribou, a new virtual keyboard targeted at users with physical disabilities
  • Feature enhancements and maintenance on the GNOME On-screen Keyboard (GOK) — predecessor to Caribou
Python C GNOME Unix Shell Linux Git

LinkedIn Testimonials

J. David Lee

J. David Lee

CTO at Suburbia (ING Bank)

March 23, 2020, J. David managed Ben directly

Ben is an excellent developer. He has the technical skills to quickly become productive when working in large, unfamiliar code bases. In addition to his development skills, he can make valuable contributions to product planning and processes. I would happily work with Ben on my next project.

Simon Meijlink

Simon Meijlink

Senior Managing Partner at Oxyor Group

January 3, 2018, Simon was a client of Ben’s

Ben's recommendations and solutions saved us a tremendous amount of time and money by showing us how we could reuse parts of our existing stack and helping us setup the scaling we needed. Ben also trained and guided our team to make sure that people were comfortable supporting the application before he finished the project. Ben listened to our needs, developed a plan and executed it; consistently delivering high quality work.

Ben is capable of working independently and coming up with suggestions and alternative ideas that have been a major driver for our developments.

Prashant Palikhe

Prashant Palikhe

Front-end Developer at NonDutch

April 20, 2017, Ben worked with Prashant in the same group

I loved working with Ben at 1%Club. His enthusiasm is contagious. He did a great job leading the team and managing people. Making sure everybody involved were on the same page. He understands the tools and the tech that he is working with in detail and is great at sharing this knowledge with others.

Ferrie Bank

Ferrie Bank

Senior Java Developer at 42 BV

September 17, 2014, Ferrie was a client of Ben’s

In the past year that Ben has been working on our Python/Django website he has shown an exceptional balance of experience, knowledge, communication skills, working ethic and the ability to work in a well structured manner.

Besides performing the tasks we needed him to do, he shared many valuable insights in the way the maintenance and development processes could be improved. He introduced new frameworks and libraries to the project, thereby simplifying and stabilizing the code base. Great changes were made while the site was continuously in production, all handled by him with care, flexibility and a keen eye for best practices.

Thomas Fitzsimmons

Thomas Fitzsimmons

Senior Software Engineer at Cisco Systems

March 11, 2010, Ben worked with Thomas in the same group

Ben is a skilled programmer who has experience with a broad range of software technologies. He is comfortable with low-level (e.g., device driver) as well as high-level (e.g., IDE) code. He has excellent debugging skills and is able to quickly learn new codebases.

Feel free to get in touch and we can discuss how I can help with your project.

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